Sakura-Traffic Manual Traffic Exchange Review

Sakura-Traffic Review

Overview: Sakura-Traffic is a growing traffic exchange with a very dedicated owner. Cristin Dyer is constantly making tremendous improvements to the site with his members in mind. In fact, when I sat down to write this review, I had to keep putting it off because Cristin kept changing things whenever I started writing!



Design [7/10]: With a really unique color scheme, Sakura-Traffic‘s design is not exactly your run-of-the-mill design. Everything is well laid out and easy to read, and this really enhances the ability of the user to navigate through the site. Plus, there are a number of cute graphics scattered throughout the site which really helps to break up the monotony things like surfing and reading.

Unique Features [7/10]: Sakura-Traffic seems like a pretty average out-of-the-box script at first glance, but upon further inspection, it is much more. With unique features such as loyalty surfing rewards, daily surfing rewards, and special dynamic surf ratio rewards, Sakura-Traffic has a number of features most other exchanges do not. My personal favorite is the “Sakura Petals” feature which allows users to boost their surf ratios for an entire month if they find five “Petal Pages” while surfing.

Owner [9/10]: I wasn’t too familiar with Cristin Dyer before writing this review, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a very dedicated owner who truly wants to see what’s best for his members. Aside from how many improvements he makes to the site on a regular basis, I was very surprised to see a feedback page in rotation while surfing. With most traffic exchanges, the owners will set up accounts where they rotate a whole bunch of their own affiliate and referral links to squeeze some more income out of their members, but what Cristin is doing is rotating a user feedback page so he can ensure the best possible experience for his members!

Script [18/20]: Sakura-Traffic is on the LFMTE script which I continue to think is the best option for people who want to open their own traffic exchanges. The ease of customization clearly shows as Cristin has a number of script mods (add-ons which are purchased by script owners to improve their sites) which really enhance the user experience and allow for better site customization. Though these might not necessarily all be apparent to members, they still impact the site positively, nonetheless.

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [10/10]: Sakura-Traffic has one of the smoothest, fastest surfbars I’ve ever seen! In my surfing, I’ve yet to run into a questionable site, and the surfing is so fast, easy, and fun, it almost makes me want to surf all day!

Surf Rewards [10/10]: In the first 15-20 pages I surfed, I encountered a bonus banner (a banner in the surfbar which gives you bonus credits if you click on it) and a bonus page. Plus, with dynamic surf ratios, the “Sakura Petals” bonus ratio system, daily surf rewards, and loyalty surfing bonuses, Sakura-Traffic is filled to the brim with surf rewards and bonuses!

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [-/10]: I am not an upgraded member at Sakura-Traffic, so I cannot comment on the value of upgrades. What I can say, however, is that the upgrades here seem to be very competitively priced for the industry standard.

Quality of Traffic [-/20]: I have not done extensive testing on the quality of traffic at Sakura-Traffic, but what I can say is this: due to the extensive surf rewards and Click Track Profit badges, in theory, users may be surfing excessively to claim the available bonuses. As always, it is the job of the advertiser to catch the viewer’s attention, and doing this is especially crucial in traffic exchanges laden with surf rewards and Click Track Profit badges. (However, to be fair, Cristin has taken some precautions to ensure the traffic is quality.)

Total Score: 61/70


All-in-all, Sakura-Traffic is a growing traffic exchange with enormous potential. With all the cool things Cristin is doing at the helm, I know that Sakura-Traffic will continue to deliver lots of traffic to its members. Sakura-Traffic is built to grow, and I suspect it will do just that!

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