My Review of Affiliate Funnel

What is Affiliate Funnel?

Affiliate Funnel is your ultimate marketing hub that is all about promoting you first.

Affiliate Funnel teaches us that we should not be focusing all of our time and energy on promoting other people and building the businesses of some marketing “guru” who really could care less about us or who we are recruiting.

Rather, we should be promoting ourselves first, branding our names and faces, and building our own businesses.

This way, we don’t need to share our profits with some internet marketing expert who really only cares about making a quick buck off of us in the first place!

Affiliate Funnel sets us on the road to a completely customized marketing system that will enables us to build extremely profitable online businesses, simply by following the incredibly simple instructions they provide for us!

It’s really that easy!

But, Affiliate Funnel does a heck of a lot more than simply teach us how to make boatloads of cash online.

Affiliate Funnel itself actually makes us boatloads of cash online!

Here’s how it works:

After they set you up with your own customized system to make money online, they begin to show you how you can funnel people into your system.

With the way Affiliate Funnel sets everything up, you are building a long term passive income with ease. But, what sets Affiliate Funnel apart from most other so-called “marketing hubs” is the fact that it also enables you to make some immediate short-term profits.

This is because the system is set up to allow you to build your own business and promote whatever you want while also promoting Affiliate Funnel, which also serves as a gigantic downline builder.

What this means is that every time the Affiliate Funnel training mentions any sort of program, you will get paid when anyone in your Affiliate Funnel downline decides to use the mentioned program or product.

This translates into some big bucks once you sponsor a few good members into Affiliate Funnel.

And, even though Affiliate Funnel is all about making you money, it is also all about making sure you are making the best use of your time.

Therefore, it ranks the top advertising sources online based on all sorts of factors in a complex, results-driven algorithm that encourages users to use only top of the line advertising sources tested and used by the 6-figure business owners of Affiliate Funnel themselves.

Plus, just like TE Command PostAffiliate Funnel offers jumplinks that enable you to have passive income for life even if you do nothing but refer a couple of active members into the system!

For access to all of these great features, plus so much more, simply click on the image below to be taken to Affiliate Funnel!

Affiliate Funnel

My Review of TE Toolbox

What is TE Toolbox?

TE Toolbox is a crucial tool to your traffic exchange success.

It allows you to track your advertising sources in a variety of ways.

This has many benefits which we will get into momentarily.

However, what sets TE Toolbox apart from 99% of the other tracking systems out there today is the fact it is able to track the results of websites that don’t even belong to you!

That means that you can track your results with a standard affiliate page (which I don’t recommend promoting in the traffic exchanges anyway) or your own custom system.

Thus, TE Toolbox is perfect for the beginner and for the experienced marketer.

What is this tracking you speak of, you ask?

Simple: TE Toolbox shows you exactly how many hits your link has gotten, where each of the hits are coming from, and what kind of results these advertising sources are getting.

This allows you to adjust your advertising according to where you are getting the best results from.

Sometimes, traffic exchanges will tell you that they delivered a certain number of hits, but they actually delivered a lot less.

When you compare your TE Toolbox tracking statistics with the number of hits a traffic exchange said it delivered, you can clearly see if an exchange is stealing from you and wasting your time by not delivering the amount of traffic it says it is.

Furthermore, TE Toolbox will show you exactly where you are getting the best advertising results.

Clearly, you want to be spending time advertising on the websites that deliver the best results. TE Toolbox shows you which programs are giving you the most conversions (signups to what you are promoting) or click-through’s (times people clicked on your splash page).

You want to advertise in the places where you are getting the most results.

If you aren’t getting any results from an advertising source, you are simply wasting your time there.

Therefore, TE Toolbox is a crucial time-saver for any serious traffic exchange advertiser.

Furthermore, there are various other amazing features in TE Toolbox including:

  • A Banner Rotator
  • Website Rotators
  • A Splash Page Maker
  • Custom Branding Tracker
  • Thank You Ad Rotator
  • Conversion Tracker
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Custom Confirmation Page
  • So Much More!

Start tracking your way to traffic exchange success with TE Toolbox!

Click on the image below to sign up.

Happy tracking!

TE Toolbox Review

My Review of Traffic Exchange Command Post

What is Traffic Exchange Command Post (TECP)?

Traffic Exchange Command Post is a powerful tool that enables you to keep track of your advertising credits across a wide variety of traffic exchange programs.

You see, often times when using traffic exchanges it is very easy to lose track of which programs you have already surfed for the week, which programs you need more credits in, which programs your ads aren’t being shown in for whatever reason, and so on and so forth.

This generally leads to lost referrals, signups, and sales.

To prevent this in the past, people would have to log into each and every one of the many exchanges which they were members of to check the credit balances.

Now, however, Traffic Exchange Command Post allows you to automate this task quickly and effectively.

Rather than having to go through the process of logging into every one of those programs, Traffic Exchange Command Post gives you a digest of the credit balances for every listed program you are a member of!

I frequently utilize Traffic Exchange Command Post to check up on my various traffic exchange credit balances. As I use over 100 different traffic exchanges, TE Command Post is an enormous time saver for me!

Could you imagine having to log into every single one of those programs manually to check the balances?

It would take forever!

However, saving you time and money is not the only thing that Traffic Exchange Command Post can do.

I personally use TECP to earn boatloads of commissions and tons of referrals!

Here’s how it works:

If you refer other members to Traffic Exchange Command Post, they will more than likely sign up under you in any programs they are not already a member of.

Recognize the huge potential in this.

There are hundreds of exchanges listed in Traffic Exchange Command Post. If you refer just a single active member, this could mean potentially hundreds of referrals!

And imagine if this person you were to refer has some money to burn. Well, I think you understand where that could lead :)

Furthermore, Traffic Exchange Command Post has a unique feature where whenever they email the members, your referrals will be seeing your referral links to whatever the owners are promoting!

This means that you can build a large downline in Traffic Exchange Command Post, sit back, and watch the owners do all the work for you.

I’ve personally had hundreds of dollars in commissions paid to me thanks to this single feature alone.

Overall, I highly recommend Traffic Exchange Command Post as a key tool in your traffic exchange arsenal.

Take command today!

Click the banner below to be taken to Traffic Exchange Command Post!

Traffic Exchange Command Post

My Review of AdKreator

What is AdKreator?

AdKreator is a do-it-yourself banner, splash page, and lead capture page maker.

It has a very unique interface that enables users to build their own custom advertisements for use almost anywhere, including traffic exchanges and other free advertising sources.

We all know how important it is to stand out from the crowd when using these sorts of advertising sources, as this enables us to catch the attention of the viewer, thus leading to a greater chance at click through’s, referrals, and sales.

That’s why I highly recommend AdKreator.

It enables you to truly stand out from the crowd.

With hundreds of free templates that you can use to create all different sized banners, splash pages, and lead capture pages, you will never need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a good graphic designer again!

Furthermore, AdKreator has hundreds if not thousands of free graphical clip arts that you can use to further build your advertising designs and stand out of the crowd like a sore thumb!

AdKreator is the perfect solution to your design needs!

In traffic exchanges and other free advertising sites, it is imperative to use splash pages, small, one page, “above-the-fold” websites that are meant only to get people to click.

With AdKreator, you can create enticing splash pages that not only invite viewers to click on your pages, but also paint a picture in their mind of friendly, professional programs that they would be more than willing to buy from!

This, right off the bat, increases your chance at successfully getting a referral or a sale!

I’ve personally used AdKreator to get hundreds of referrals and hundreds of dollars worth of sales.

It’s so easy that anyone – a complete newbie or a seasoned graphic design pro – can use it to pull immediate results.

I highly recommend it for all of your design needs.

Click the image below to be taken to the AdKreator website to sign up.

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