EasyHits4U Manual Traffic Exchange Review

EasyHits4U Review

Overview: EasyHits4U is constantly ranked as the top traffic exchange online today by sites such as Affiliate Funnel. Running on a completely custom script, EasyHits4U is one of the largest and fastest growing manual traffic exchanges on the internet (likely due in part to its massive 6 tiered referral program). It is also one of the only traffic exchanges that can successfully offer a generous 1:1 surf ratio for free members.



Design [8/10]: EasyHits4Us design is pretty good considering that most manual traffic exchange owners merely purchase some cheap graphics package from a very low cost graphic designer.

Unique Features [10/10]: EasyHits4U is on a completely unique and custom script. With an entire link building program and article database built in, I’d say that EasyHits4U  is an incredibly unique exchange. Of course, this isn’t even to mention the EasyHits4U  custom splash page builder or rotator system. EasyHits4U certainly has a lot!

Owner [0/10]: Zero out of ten?!? Yup, that’s right. 99% of the people out there haven’t even the slightest idea who the owner is. We are aware of the company that runs EasyHits4U, but most have no clue who runs that company. I can’t judge the owner if I don’t even know who he/she/it is.

Script [20/20]: EasyHits4U runs on a completely custom script. It’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and feels rather intuitive. Nothing beats a custom script ;)

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [3/10]: Because EasyHits4U is one of the largest and fastest growing exchanges online today, it is incredibly prone to foolish people who think that they can use manual traffic exchange programs to harm others. The site is loaded with pornographic websites and viruses. However, the surf bar is great, and you receive credits when you report a site that breaks the EasyHits4U terms of use.

Surf Rewards [1/10]: EasyHits4U is about as “surf reward-poor” as a traffic exchange can get. Of course, it’s not their fault, so-to-speak. It would be impossible to give out extensive surf rewards and maintain the flow of traffic in a 1:1 traffic exchange program.

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [7/10]: I am not an upgraded member at EasyHits4U, and therefore, I cannot really say the true value of the upgrades. Compared to similar major traffic exchange programs, I would have to say that there are better upgrade options out there than EasyHits4U.

Quality of Traffic [5/20]: Now, it is always up to the advertiser to get the attention of the surfer. However, the surfing demographic at EasyHits4U is very much based around the “penny-clicker” group of people who want to earn money doing such things as paid-to-click programs. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does tend to decrease the potential of finding results in this traffic exchange. And, to further multiply this effect, EasyHits4U offers a $0.20 reward for surfing 1000 sites. This means that a lot of the people looking at your sites are doing so merely because they want that $0.20.

Total Score: 54/100


EasyHits4U is a great traffic exchange if you’re just getting started or if you want to promote paid-to-click opportunities. However, for the “serious” marketer looking to make a living online, EasyHits4U is probably not your best bet.

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  1. Ryan says


    Wonderful post.

    I appreciate the information on EasyHits4U.

    I’ve been using it to drive some traffic to my websites, but I haven’t really been that successful with it.

    Now I know why!

    - Ryan

  2. says

    Jared – I’m with you on this one and I am always baffled when people I consider to be both knowledgeable and ethical recommend EH4U in preference to more responsive sites- yes it has a massive user base and this is why it retains a high ranking at Affiliate Funnel – its size guarantees it – but when you drill down within Affiliate Funnel – you find that not that many people rank it highly. Still it is what it is and I have to say that many new surfers love it.

    • says

      Hi Mark,


      I’ve never been a big fan of EasyHits4U, but they definitely appeal to that MASSIVE paid to click industry, and that is probably one of the most active industries in the online world today (at least, its users are the most active, anyway).

      Some people get great results with EasyHits4U, but I don’t know of many that do.

      - Jared

  3. says

    First – sorry for my bad english… :-)
    Im using EasyHits4U few years and its works fine for me.
    They must think more about message and member “connection” system! They can make EasyHits4U much better if they allow members more than send “connection” request and PMs…

  4. says

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