My Review of Affiliate Funnel

What is Affiliate Funnel?

Affiliate Funnel is your ultimate marketing hub that is all about promoting you first.

Affiliate Funnel teaches us that we should not be focusing all of our time and energy on promoting other people and building the businesses of some marketing “guru” who really could care less about us or who we are recruiting.

Rather, we should be promoting ourselves first, branding our names and faces, and building our own businesses.

This way, we don’t need to share our profits with some internet marketing expert who really only cares about making a quick buck off of us in the first place!

Affiliate Funnel sets us on the road to a completely customized marketing system that will enables us to build extremely profitable online businesses, simply by following the incredibly simple instructions they provide for us!

It’s really that easy!

But, Affiliate Funnel does a heck of a lot more than simply teach us how to make boatloads of cash online.

Affiliate Funnel itself actually makes us boatloads of cash online!

Here’s how it works:

After they set you up with your own customized system to make money online, they begin to show you how you can funnel people into your system.

With the way Affiliate Funnel sets everything up, you are building a long term passive income with ease. But, what sets Affiliate Funnel apart from most other so-called “marketing hubs” is the fact that it also enables you to make some immediate short-term profits.

This is because the system is set up to allow you to build your own business and promote whatever you want while also promoting Affiliate Funnel, which also serves as a gigantic downline builder.

What this means is that every time the Affiliate Funnel training mentions any sort of program, you will get paid when anyone in your Affiliate Funnel downline decides to use the mentioned program or product.

This translates into some big bucks once you sponsor a few good members into Affiliate Funnel.

And, even though Affiliate Funnel is all about making you money, it is also all about making sure you are making the best use of your time.

Therefore, it ranks the top advertising sources online based on all sorts of factors in a complex, results-driven algorithm that encourages users to use only top of the line advertising sources tested and used by the 6-figure business owners of Affiliate Funnel themselves.

Plus, just like TE Command PostAffiliate Funnel offers jumplinks that enable you to have passive income for life even if you do nothing but refer a couple of active members into the system!

For access to all of these great features, plus so much more, simply click on the image below to be taken to Affiliate Funnel!

Affiliate Funnel


  1. Joe Johnson says


    This is some AWESOME information!

    Thank you so much for doing such a great review of this program… Personally, I haven’t had too much success with Affiliate Funnel yet.

    But, I really like how you described the whole email links thing… Really cool!

    - Joe

    • says

      Hey Joe,

      I’m glad you have found the review helpful!

      If you need any help getting better results with Affiliate Funnel, feel free to drop me a line… I’d be glad to help you out!

      - Jared


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