Sakura-Traffic Manual Traffic Exchange Review

Sakura-Traffic Review

Overview: Sakura-Traffic is a growing traffic exchange with a very dedicated owner. Cristin Dyer is constantly making tremendous improvements to the site with his members in mind. In fact, when I sat down to write this review, I had to keep putting it off because Cristin kept changing things whenever I started writing!



Design [7/10]: With a really unique color scheme, Sakura-Traffic‘s design is not exactly your run-of-the-mill design. Everything is well laid out and easy to read, and this really enhances the ability of the user to navigate through the site. Plus, there are a number of cute graphics scattered throughout the site which really helps to break up the monotony things like surfing and reading.

Unique Features [7/10]: Sakura-Traffic seems like a pretty average out-of-the-box script at first glance, but upon further inspection, it is much more. With unique features such as loyalty surfing rewards, daily surfing rewards, and special dynamic surf ratio rewards, Sakura-Traffic has a number of features most other exchanges do not. My personal favorite is the “Sakura Petals” feature which allows users to boost their surf ratios for an entire month if they find five “Petal Pages” while surfing.

Owner [9/10]: I wasn’t too familiar with Cristin Dyer before writing this review, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a very dedicated owner who truly wants to see what’s best for his members. Aside from how many improvements he makes to the site on a regular basis, I was very surprised to see a feedback page in rotation while surfing. With most traffic exchanges, the owners will set up accounts where they rotate a whole bunch of their own affiliate and referral links to squeeze some more income out of their members, but what Cristin is doing is rotating a user feedback page so he can ensure the best possible experience for his members!

Script [18/20]: Sakura-Traffic is on the LFMTE script which I continue to think is the best option for people who want to open their own traffic exchanges. The ease of customization clearly shows as Cristin has a number of script mods (add-ons which are purchased by script owners to improve their sites) which really enhance the user experience and allow for better site customization. Though these might not necessarily all be apparent to members, they still impact the site positively, nonetheless.

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [10/10]: Sakura-Traffic has one of the smoothest, fastest surfbars I’ve ever seen! In my surfing, I’ve yet to run into a questionable site, and the surfing is so fast, easy, and fun, it almost makes me want to surf all day!

Surf Rewards [10/10]: In the first 15-20 pages I surfed, I encountered a bonus banner (a banner in the surfbar which gives you bonus credits if you click on it) and a bonus page. Plus, with dynamic surf ratios, the “Sakura Petals” bonus ratio system, daily surf rewards, and loyalty surfing bonuses, Sakura-Traffic is filled to the brim with surf rewards and bonuses!

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [-/10]: I am not an upgraded member at Sakura-Traffic, so I cannot comment on the value of upgrades. What I can say, however, is that the upgrades here seem to be very competitively priced for the industry standard.

Quality of Traffic [-/20]: I have not done extensive testing on the quality of traffic at Sakura-Traffic, but what I can say is this: due to the extensive surf rewards and Click Track Profit badges, in theory, users may be surfing excessively to claim the available bonuses. As always, it is the job of the advertiser to catch the viewer’s attention, and doing this is especially crucial in traffic exchanges laden with surf rewards and Click Track Profit badges. (However, to be fair, Cristin has taken some precautions to ensure the traffic is quality.)

Total Score: 61/70


All-in-all, Sakura-Traffic is a growing traffic exchange with enormous potential. With all the cool things Cristin is doing at the helm, I know that Sakura-Traffic will continue to deliver lots of traffic to its members. Sakura-Traffic is built to grow, and I suspect it will do just that!

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I Love Hits Manual Traffic Exchange Review

I Love Hits Review

Overview: I Love Hits is frequently ranked as one of the top traffic exchanges by traffic exchange ranking websites such as Affiliate Funnel. Filled to the brim with unique features, I Love Hits is not your ordinary traffic exchange program! It is owned by TimTech, and its day to day operations are fulfilled by Jon Olson.



Design [8/10]: I Love Hits has a very nice looking design. The graphics are above average, and the site is filled with nice “Web 2.0″ elements which really enhance the user experience. But, above all, I really love the I Love Hits surf bar. The icons are simply fantastic.

Unique Features [10/10]: In all honesty, I don’t even know where to start. I Love Hits has so many unique features that listing and explaining them all would require a totally separate blog post. For starters, the I Love Hits Bracket Surfing competition provides a fun and competitive atmosphere for surfers. Here is a description of how this feature works, courtesy of the I Love Hits website (slightly edited):

Every day you are put up against another member. To win, you simply need to view more pages than them on that day! As you win more, you’ll be put up against members who’ve won more as well. After a set period of time we’ll determine the winners based on how many wins and losses each member has, and we will then give out cool prizes.

On the weekends, this feature gets even more exciting because there are times when your opponent changes every single hour. It’s quite an exciting experience seeing who can get more page views in during the allotted time slot!

On top of this, another unique I Love Hits feature is the built-in social network. Essentially, this is just a social chat system alongside a collection of profile pages that each user gets upon signup. You can take a peek at my I Love Hits profile page here.

Finally, three other unique features at I Love Hits are the Surf Juice, Henry Hour, and Nerd Surfing features. Each of these features provide ways for members to obtain quite a few extra credits while surfing.

Surf Juice allows users to purchase a surf ratio boost at I Love Hits for a set period of time. Henry Hours are periods of time when upgraded users get an improved surf ratio. And finally, Nerd Surfing is a special TimTech feature that I will hopefully explain at another time, in another blog post.

Owner [9/10]: Jon Olson and the rest of the TimTech team are very socially inclined. They are always out there on Twitter and Facebook, in the social chats and webinars, and so on and so forth. I haven’t chatted with any of them in quite some time, but when I was first starting off, they provided me with a little bit of useful knowledge that I still use today.

However, it’s always important to remember that a person selling apples will tell you that apples are amazing whereas oranges, on the other hand, are horrible. This is a natural thing for a business owner to do (even if they don’t necessarily recognize they are doing it). So, whenever you take advice from anyone at all (myself included), be sure to do further research such as to ensure that it isn’t just another example of what I described above.

Script [20/20]: I Love Hits runs on a modified LJ script. Normally, an LJ script wouldn’t get as high of a grade as this. But, I Love Hits is so incredibly customized that the script doesn’t even really get taken into account here.

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [9/10]: I’ve never really had a problem surfing at I Love Hits. Aside from the chat on the side (which you can turn off if you find it distracting), there really isn’t anything that slows down the surfing. I Love Hits has pretty smooth surfing, though TimTech has been known to have some server problems on occasion which is claimed to be due to the company continually outgrowing its servers.

Surf Rewards [2/10]: I Love Hits doesn’t have any traditional surf rewards because of the bracket surfing competition system. However, you can receive a couple of credits on surf verification pages that are used to ensure you aren’t a robot.

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [8/10]: I Love Hits has two upgrade levels, both of which are very affordable. The “Heavy Weight” upgrade comes with 1000 credits per month (which is pretty much equivalent in value to the cost of the upgrade alone). Then, there are other perks such as the increased surf ratio and monthly banner & text ad impressions.

Quality of Traffic [15/20]: This depends heavily on what you are promoting. I used to get much better results at I Love Hits before they implemented all of the crazy gamification systems (the games and contests). Something to always be wary of when looking at what traffic exchanges to surf is how decked out the site is with games and contests and competitions and prizes and drawings and… You get the point.

In the traffic exchange industry, it could easily be argued that offering incentives for people to surf lowers the probability of said people to click through your splash pages and take action. This just further enhances the notion that you must always target your advertising to the given demographic.

The people at I Love Hits clearly are there to have fun, whereas people who surf at other exchanges might be there with the sole purpose of advertising in mind. If you advertise at I Love Hits, I highly recommend targeting your advertising to the “gamer” demographic, or your results will likely suffer.

Total Score: 83/100


All-in-all, I Love Hits is a pretty good traffic exchange with extreme customization. You can clearly see how much passion the owners of the site have just by looking at how unique the site is from so many others in the industry.

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EasyHits4U Manual Traffic Exchange Review

EasyHits4U Review

Overview: EasyHits4U is constantly ranked as the top traffic exchange online today by sites such as Affiliate Funnel. Running on a completely custom script, EasyHits4U is one of the largest and fastest growing manual traffic exchanges on the internet (likely due in part to its massive 6 tiered referral program). It is also one of the only traffic exchanges that can successfully offer a generous 1:1 surf ratio for free members.



Design [8/10]: EasyHits4Us design is pretty good considering that most manual traffic exchange owners merely purchase some cheap graphics package from a very low cost graphic designer.

Unique Features [10/10]: EasyHits4U is on a completely unique and custom script. With an entire link building program and article database built in, I’d say that EasyHits4U  is an incredibly unique exchange. Of course, this isn’t even to mention the EasyHits4U  custom splash page builder or rotator system. EasyHits4U certainly has a lot!

Owner [0/10]: Zero out of ten?!? Yup, that’s right. 99% of the people out there haven’t even the slightest idea who the owner is. We are aware of the company that runs EasyHits4U, but most have no clue who runs that company. I can’t judge the owner if I don’t even know who he/she/it is.

Script [20/20]: EasyHits4U runs on a completely custom script. It’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and feels rather intuitive. Nothing beats a custom script ;)

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [3/10]: Because EasyHits4U is one of the largest and fastest growing exchanges online today, it is incredibly prone to foolish people who think that they can use manual traffic exchange programs to harm others. The site is loaded with pornographic websites and viruses. However, the surf bar is great, and you receive credits when you report a site that breaks the EasyHits4U terms of use.

Surf Rewards [1/10]: EasyHits4U is about as “surf reward-poor” as a traffic exchange can get. Of course, it’s not their fault, so-to-speak. It would be impossible to give out extensive surf rewards and maintain the flow of traffic in a 1:1 traffic exchange program.

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [7/10]: I am not an upgraded member at EasyHits4U, and therefore, I cannot really say the true value of the upgrades. Compared to similar major traffic exchange programs, I would have to say that there are better upgrade options out there than EasyHits4U.

Quality of Traffic [5/20]: Now, it is always up to the advertiser to get the attention of the surfer. However, the surfing demographic at EasyHits4U is very much based around the “penny-clicker” group of people who want to earn money doing such things as paid-to-click programs. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does tend to decrease the potential of finding results in this traffic exchange. And, to further multiply this effect, EasyHits4U offers a $0.20 reward for surfing 1000 sites. This means that a lot of the people looking at your sites are doing so merely because they want that $0.20.

Total Score: 54/100


EasyHits4U is a great traffic exchange if you’re just getting started or if you want to promote paid-to-click opportunities. However, for the “serious” marketer looking to make a living online, EasyHits4U is probably not your best bet.

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