Traffic-Splash Manual Traffic Exchange Review

Traffic-Splash Review

Overview: Traffic Splash is always ranked as one of the top traffic exchanges by ranking services such as Affiliate Funnel. Run by brilliant marketer Paul Kinder and the rest of the Kinder-Rash Marketing team, Traffic Splash is truly one of the best traffic exchanges online today!



Design [6/10]: Traffic Splash‘s main design is a little bit dated as I write this. However, some of the promotional tools and other aspects of the site are incredibly well designed, which prevents the design score for Traffic Splash from going lower.

Unique Features [10/10]: Believe it or not, Traffic Splash was actually the first ever traffic exchange site to have a surf promotion where surfers could earn extra credits for surfing “x” number of sites. This alone makes Traffic Splash worthy of a 10 out of 10!

Owner [10/10]: Paul Kinder and Kinder-Rash Marketing have to be some of the best owners in the traffic exchange industry. Traffic Splash is one of the best traffic exchanges online today, likely because of the owners. With arguably the best support team in the industry, Traffic Splash gets a perfect 10 out of 10 for ownership.

Script [20/20]: Traffic Splash runs on the unique TCNTE traffic exchange script. From the user’s perspective, this is arguably the best traffic exchange script on the market. From the owners perspective, this is arguably the best traffic exchange script on the market. Therefore, Traffic Splash receives a perfect 20 out of 20 for script.

For Traffic Exchange Surfers:

Smoothness of Surfing [6/10]: Because Traffic Splash is one of the largest and fastest growing exchanges online today, it is incredibly prone to foolish people who think that they can use manual traffic exchange programs to harm others. The site is apt to have a few interesting websites from time to time.  However, the Traffic Splash support team is always on top of things! As a side note, the surfbar icons are a little bit small for my liking. Though, that’s just a personal preference.

Surf Rewards [10/10]: Traffic Splash is, in my opinion, the most rewarding traffic exchange program online today. Traffic Splash always has outstanding prizes on their prize pages which shows up an outstanding every 15 pages! With the exception of a few other Kinder-Rash Marketing sites, Traffic Splash has almost unparalleled surf rewards.

For Traffic Exchange Advertisers:

Value of Upgrades [10/10]: I absolutely love my upgraded membership at Traffic Splash! Compared to similar major traffic exchange programs, I would have to say that the upgrades at Traffic Splash are very well priced and deliver outstanding value.

Quality of Traffic [18/20]: While it will always depend upon what is being promoted and how it is being promoted, I can safely say that my ads at Traffic Splash always tend to perform incredibly well in comparison to some of the other best traffic exchanges on the market today.

Total Score: 90/100


All in all, Traffic Splash is frequently rated as one of the best traffic exchanges online today for a reason. The quality of traffic is outstanding, the upgrades are fantastic, and the owners clearly show how much they love providing members with fantastic results!

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  1. says

    Congratulations Jared on a balanced, structured and thorough review.
    IMHO Traffic Splash ranks as the #1 TE online today on the key criteria of value for money and return on Investment -= looking forward to reading further reviews

  2. says

    Jared, I learned a lot today about traffic exchanges. You did a great job explaining and breaking them down so even I could understand. Anyone working with traffic exchanges and hoping to use them to increase traffic to their website should read your blog. Thanks Don Ames

    • says

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

      I’m so glad that you took something away from the information I’ve posted here!

      If you EVER have ANY traffic exchange related questions, just let me know, and I’d be more than happy to help out :)

      - Jared

  3. says

    Awesome site you have here, Jared! You totally amaze me ^_^
    I would agree that Traffic Splash is a really good site. I’m glad it’s one of the traffic exchanges where I’m upgraded at. I would also agree that the main design may be a bit dated, but the quality of traffic it delivers certainly isn’t. I can’t wait to read more of your reviews! ^_^


    PS. Can we request a review of our fave site too? Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Rosyel,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’m glad you are finding the blog useful :)

      In time, I will have a form that you’ll be able to submit to request reviews of your favorite programs.

      - Jared

  4. says

    Hey Jared
    I just stumbled across this site when I saw your special offer in Promo Pit.

    Thanks for an ace review! Well balanced and very fair I think – not that I’d expect any different from yourself :-)

    Agree completely on the main design – change isn’t far away. We’ve even got a new Flipper coming, but not a huge change there. The current Flipper is a basic stock graphic, the new one is our own professionally designed mascot.

    Oh – the new surf icons are bigger too!

    thanks again, and gratz on another cool site.


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